If you have wavy or curly hair that doesn’t cooperate in hot, humid, and/or rainy conditions (like me!), check out this collection of fabulous frizzy hair tips by Luxy Hair. I especially love the product recommendations, but can tell you from personal experience that ALL of these hair tips make a huge difference in helping me tame my frizzy, crazy hair, especially while I’m on vacation!

In case you missed the product recommendations Mimi made, they were Argan Oil and Kms California Hair Play Design Wax. I find both work well, but I personally prefer using Moroccanoil in place of Argan Oil as I love how light it is, and the smell is amazing!

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Frizzy hair is my arch enemy, but thanks to these tips, products, and remedies, I've learned how to get rid of frizz once and for all. These DIY hair hacks work best with hair that's neither straight nor curly, and will teach you how to tame your locks when rain and humidity strikes. And if all else fails, you can always opt for updo hairstyles until the cold weather hits!


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