I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween.

I love the candy.

I love decorating our condo with bats and ghosts and goblins.

I love handing out candy to little kids dressed up in their silly little costumes.

I love hearing my daughter’s cute little voice yell, “TWICK-OR-TWEAT!”

And I love the candy.

Of course, trick-or-treating doesn’t happen in condos (well, it doesn’t happen in ours, anyway), so we make the trek to my in-laws on the big day, and since my daughter is old enough to understand the whole concept this year, I offered to make all of the decorations.


Thankfully, there are a lot of great DIY Halloween decoration ideas floating around on Pinterest, and I was able to find lots of great ideas of things I can make with my daughter.

And since I am sure there is another poor soul like myself our there who makes promises she cannot keep, I decided to share my favorite easy DIY Halloween decorations with you.

1. Grab some cheese cloths, string, dixie cups, and styrofoam balls and have a blast making these adorable hanging ghosts I found on Makoodle!

2. Not a fan of the mess that accompanies pumpkin carving? Neither am I. And that’s why I love this dripping paint pumpkin by House of Joyful Noise. You can do so many different variations of this, and I’m sure your kids will have a blast helping you with the dripping paint!

3. Let your kids practice their scissor skills with these fun and easy coffee filter spider webs I found on The Artful Parent!

4. Love the web idea, but want to make something BIGGER?! Of course you do! So grab some grey yarn and double-sided tape and make one of these huge wall spiderwebs I found on The Art of Doing Stuff. Your kids will have a blast decorating this with those little spiders you can find at the dollar store!

5. If you have older kids, check out this collection of 20 unique pumpkin carving ideas I found on C.R.A.F.T.! Number 9 is my favorite!

6. Invest in a styrofoam wreath, stryofoam balls, and some green tulle and make one of these ridiculously cute monster wreaths I found on Baby Rabies!

7. Grab some cling film, fire up your printer, bust out the scissors, and let your kids have a blast with these kid-friendly Halloween window clings by Crafts Unleashed. There are 2 free printables in the post, which makes these Halloween decorations even easier!

8. Cut out some paper bats using this template I found on Martha Stewart and let your kids have a blast decorating your living room, dining room, front door, porch, garage door…you get the idea…

9. Get out the black cardboard and tissue paper and spend the afternoon making some of these Halloween window monsters by The Ledford Life. What a great way to decorate before trick-or-treating!

10. Make one of these spider Halloween mason jars to display on your trick-or-treating table!

If you liked this collection of fun and easy DIY Halloween decorations to make with your kids, please share it on Pinterest!

Looking for EASY Halloween decorations for kids to make? We've rounded up 10 simple-to-make DIY ideas that are perfect for decorating your home, school classroom, or front yard. Some of these are cute, others are funny, and some are downright scary. What a perfect way to get your little ones in the Halloween spirit!

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