Christmas is going to be difficult for me this year as it’ll be the first major holiday we celebrate without my dad.

And it sucks.

Part of me wishes we could just cancel the whole thing, but I cannot bring myself to take that away from my 3-year-old, especially since this is the first year she actually understands the concept of Christmas trees and Christmas lists and Santa Claus.

So when we were wandering around the mall a few days ago and she excitedly stopped to yell, “CHRISTMAS TREE!” before bolting towards a beautiful display of fake trees and ornaments, I chased after her and asked if she’d like to buy a tree and decorate it with me this year.

And when she excitedly yelled, “YEAH!!!”, I decided we would spend the month of December making our own Christmas ornaments for our new tree, and would then give some of the ornaments away as Christmas gifts to family and friends on Christmas day.

Of course, this is going to be a big undertaking, so I’ve already started to put together a collection of my favorite DIY Christmas ornaments we can make together. And since I know other moms and dads out there may want to do something similar, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share them.

If you have ideas to add to the list, please leave me a comment below!

Whether you prefer to make your own Christmas decorations and ornaments, need Christmas gift ideas for your family and friends, or simply want boredom buster ideas to keep your kids busy this holiday season, this collection of 15 homemade Christmas ornaments to make with your kids is just what you need!

1. Handprint Reindeer Ornaments (KSW & Co.)

2. DIY Reindeer Ornament (Plain Vanilla Mom)

3. Candy Cane Ornaments (The Fountain Avenue Kitchen)

4. Pinecone Owl Ornament (Repeat Crafter Me)

5. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornaments (One Perfect Day)

6. 3 Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments (The Suburban Mom)

7. Quick & Easy Snowman Ornament for Kids (Crazy Little Projects)

8. Bottle Cap Reindeer Kids Craft (The Country Chic Cottage)

9. Christmas Flower Ornament Recycling Craft (Craft Klatch)

10. Glittery Pinecone Ornaments (Mom Spotted)

11. Craft Stick Snowman Ornaments (Happy Hooligans)

12. 1 Minute Christmas Ornaments (No Time for Flash Cards)

13. Twig Star Ornaments (Happy Hooligans)

14. Jingly Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments (Feels Like Home)

15. Family Hands Christmas Tree Craft (Makobi Scribe)

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