There may still be snow on the ground, the windchill may still reach ridiculously cold temperatures, and cold and flu season may still be threatening to take us all down without a moments notice, but I find it next to impossible to be in a bad mood once March hits because I know it’s just a matter of time before the snow melts, the weather warms up, and I can finally ease up on the hand sanitizer.

I can’t wait!

And since my daughter and I have pretty much exhausted all of these kid-friendly science experiments, Easter crafts, and indoor ‘snow’ activities, I’m on the hunt for some spring activities for kids to get the 2 of us excited about the end of winter, and today I’m sharing 20 of my favorites.

Please leave me a comment if you have any activities to add to my list!

With the end of winter (finally!) in sight, this collection of spring activities for kids is sure to get you and your little ones excited about the end of the cold and snowy weather! This list includes lots of indoor activities for bad weather days as well as outdoor activities to help combat cabin fever. Enjoy!

1. Flower Experiment for Kids (Growing a Jeweled Rose)

2. Observing Plant Growth Using Bulbs (Buggy and Buddy)

3. Nature Collage Suncatcher (Hands On as we Grow)

4. Mud Paint (Learn Play Imagine)

5. Rain Maker (Our Out-of-Sync Life)

6. Yarn Wrapped Tulips (School Time Snippets)

7. Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity (Mess for Less)

8. ‘Plant the Flowers’ Spring Math Game (Fun-A-Day!)

9. Dirt & Worms Sensory Play (Growing a Jeweled Rose)

10. I Spy Game for Spring (The Pleasantest Thing)

11. Make a Chick Using a Fork (Crafty Morning)

12. Preschool Science: Sink or Float? (No Time for Flash Cards)

13. Spring Flower Sensory Bottle (My Little 3 and Me)

14. Egg Carton Greenhouses (Hazel and Company)

15. Chicks and Seeds Sensory Play (Two Daloo)

16. Garden Sensory Bin (Mess for Less)

17. Grow Sprouts on a Sponge (Housing a Forest)

18. Flower Pom Pom Painting (Crafty Morning)

19. Flower Petal Sensory Play (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

20. Coffee Filter Flowers (parentsavvy.com)

Matt Hancock

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