Yesterday I shared an AMAZING tutorial by Jaclyn Hill that is filled with EVERYTHING you need to know about makeup brushes and told you that I (finally) took the plunge and treated myself to the Sigma Premium Brush Kit as well as the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Foundation Brush, which is the first set of professional makeup brushes I have EVER owned.

I am so excited!

But right after I placed my order, I realized that I have no clue how to blend eyeshadow properly, and since I wanted to be able to try my new brushes out THE MOMENT they arrived in my mailbox, I decided to do some research.

Now, I tried a lot of these techniques out with my drugstore brushes before my professional set arrived, and while they worked really well, I am absolutely amazed at how much better they work with a proper set of brushes.

Take a look at the tutorials below and let me know which techniques are your favorite.

Good luck!

If you love wearing eye makeup, but don't know how to apply eyeshadow properly, these tutorials are for you. They are filled with great tips and tricks to not only teach you how to apply professional-looking makeup, but they will also teach you how to blend eyeshadow properly. I am absolutely in love with the look in tutorial # 4!

1. How To Blend Your Eyeshadow Like a Pro by Makeup Geek

If you like to have light eyeshadow over most of your eyelid, with a darker, more dramatic eyeshadow on the outer corners, this tutorial will teach you all the tips and tricks you need!

2. How to Blend Eyeshadow Like a Pro! by gossmakeupartist

I particularly love his tip for knowing where to place your brush when applying shadow to the crease of your eye. I have ALWAYS struggled with this, and this technique has really made a difference.

3. Cut Crease Tutorial: My Everyday Eye Makeup! by LustreLux

I’m not overly fond of the cut crease eyeshadow look, but this tutorial really wowed me. I was really skeptical when she applied the white eye pencil on the top of her eyelid, but I absolutely LOVE the finished look.

4. Simple Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial by Emma Pickles

If you don’t have a lot of time to be fussing in front of the mirror but still want to make your eyes pop, this tutorial will teach you how to apply and blend your eyeshadow for an easy, sexy look.

5. Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks by TheMakeupChair

I’ve shared this tutorial before, but it is filled with SO MANY amazing tips and tricks for applying eyeshadow, and she really helped teach me how to blend eyeshadow!

Matt Hancock

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