Do you have small lips?

I do.

And since I (very stupidly) vowed I would never get any kind of plastic surgery or ‘work’ done to my body in an effort to teach my daughter to love herself inside and out, botox is completely out of the question.

Which is why I love YouTube.

Because without tutorials like the ones I’m about to share with you, I would have no idea how to get bigger lips, which would make it would be pretty hard to convince the rest of the world I even have a mouth, you know?

Check out my 5 favorite tutorials to teach you how to get bigger lips without botox below, and leave any additional tips and tricks you may have in the comments section!

If you have small lips but can't stand the idea (or cost!) of botox, this collection of tutorials will teach you how to fool the world into thinking you have bigger lips without having to endure injections or plastic surgery!

1. How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller by Makeup Geek

This tutorial has 3 simple and easy tips to teach you how to get bigger lips with makeup. You will love them!

2. How To Get Bigger Fuller Lips Instantly by gossmakeupartist

Who knew a little shimmery eyeshadow could make such a difference??! Make sure to watch until the end to see the before and after shots!

3. 5 Ways to PLUMP Your LIPS! by Michelle Phan

This is an awesome collection of tips to teach you how to get bigger lips without botox. The last trick is my favorite!

4. How to Make YOUR LIPS Appear LARGER! by Carli Bybel

I’m not a huge fan of lip liner, but Carli does a great job of demonstrating how to get bigger lips with lip liner in a way that looks natural. I love it!

5. How to Make Your Lips Look Full & Fabulous by Lisa Eldridge

If your top lip is smaller than your bottom lip and you like wearing dark lip shades, this tutorial is for you!

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