My daughter and I have been watching a lot of celebrity Sesame Street music videos on YouTube lately, which has been a fun thing for the 2 of us to do together, but whenever I zone out and let my mind wander (as I often do), I always do a double-take when I see my reflection in my computer screen. I look older, my hair has lost it’s shine, I look tired, and thanks to Ben and Jerry, I’m starting to get a double chin.

So I spent some time on YouTube the other night, and I was amazed to find out there are lots of ways you can get rid of a double chin without surgery or frequent trips to the gym.

And since I know I’m not the only woman out there with this problem, I decided to share the top 5 tutorials I found to teach you (and me!) how to get rid of a double chin without surgery.

1. How to Get Rid of Double Chin Fast by WaysAndHow

I was on the fence when I first started watching this tutorial, but it is filled with great tips on how to get rid of a double chin without surgery or makeup. And if you love making your own beauty masks, you will love this even more!

2. Facial Exercises to Tone Loose Skin and a Saggy Jaw by Tracy Campoli

I watched a bunch of facial exercise tutorials to help tone loose skin and a saggy jaw, and this is by far the best as Tracy touches on all of them. Oh, and she has a great sense of humor, so she keeps it fun!

3. Plastic Surgery With Make-Up: Getting Rid of a Double Chin by Kandee Johnson

This is a simple and quick tutorial to teach you how to hide a double chin with makeup. Who knew it could be this easy??!

4. Plastic Surgery Using Makeup: Jaw & Chin Line by Makeup Tutorial by Brooke

This tutorial uses the same techniques as the one above, but since Brooke actually has a (very) slight double chin, I thought it would be helpful to include this clip so you can see just how effective this makeup trick is. You’re going to love it!

5. Photoshop Face Slimming Tutorial by MediaWright Workshops

I’m not really a fan of enhancing pictures, but if you have a shot of yourself that you’re dying to alter, this Photoshop tutorial will be a dream come true for you. There are so many things you can do with this program, I don’t even know where to begin!

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You don't need to be overweight to develop a double chin, and you don't need to suffer through the pain and expense of plastic surgery to get rid of it, either! These tutorials will teach you which exercises and workouts will slim down your face, as well as the best face masks, wraps, and makeup technique to help you banish your double chin instantly.

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