I don’t know if it’s the dryness of winter, the fact that I only average 6 hours of sleep a night, the amount of wine I’ve been drinking lately, or a combination of all 3, but my eyes have been really puffy when I wake up in the mornings, and since I am never disciplined enough to drink 8+ glasses of water a day, I’ve been searching for ways to treat and hide puffy eyes so I don’t scare the other kids when I drop my daughter off at preschool.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who suffers from puffy eyes, and thanks to the wonderful world of YouTube, I’ve found 5 great tutorials to teach myself not only how to TREAT puffy eyes, but also how to HIDE puffy eyes.

I particularly love Michelle Phan’s DIY frozen cucumber pads in the second tutorial, but on the days when I don’t have the time to lie on our couch with cucumber pads or tea bags on my eyes, the tips in the fourth and fifth tutorials make a HUGE difference in not only hiding my puffy eyes, but in making me look fresh and awake.

If you have any tips and tricks to help me treat and hide puffy eyes, PLEASE leave me a comment below!

If you suffer from dry, swollen, and or/puffy eyes, these tutorials are for you. They will teach you how to treat puffy eyes naturally, how to hide under eye bags, how to cover under eye circles, and how to look fresh and awake. I find these tips to be especially effective during allergy season, but they have also worked wonders during the dry winter months!

1. Home Remedies For Reducing Puffy Eyes by Aja Dang

All 4 of the tips in this tutorial are effective, but I find the tea bag idea works the best on my eyes when they are puffy and irritable. I usually opt for black tea as I find the caffeine is more effective in reducing puffiness, but herbal teas also work.

2. DIY Ice Cucumber Pads by Michelle Phan

If you have puffy eyes, dark under eye circles, and/or spend a lot of time staring at the computer, you will love the effect of these DIY ice cucumber pads. I have been using them each morning for the past week, and they go a long way in making me look less swollen and more alert when I drop my daughter off at preschool!

3. How To Reduce Puffy Eyes by Howdini

This isn’t the most exciting tutorial, but it does have great ideas on how to reduce puffy eyes, so I had to include it. I was particularly intrigued by the eye patches that were featured in the video and did some research, and I am going to give these Collagen Eye Masks a try!

4. How to Make Eye Bags Vanish in Seconds by gossmakeupartist

While I’m all about finding ways to TREAT my puffy eyes, there are times when I just don’t have the time to put cucumber pads or steeped tea bags on my eyes, and when that happens, I use this trick I learned from Wayne Goss. It’s so simple to do, but it makes a HUGE difference in my look!

5. How to Look Fresh & Awake When You’re Exhausted by Jaclyn Hill

I’ve shared this tutorial before, and I had to share it again because I love these makeup tips for hiding puffy eyes and dark circles. I use a lot of these tricks on a daily basis (I don’t sleep very much), and they really work. I especially love the evian Facial Spray Jaclyn recommends – it feels AMAZING on my face!

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