I went into my closet to try on some of my cute summer capris and tank tops last month, and I almost passed out when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

And it wasn’t because I looked smoking hot.

Trust me.

So I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat better and workout more, but with my husband’s hectic work and travel schedule, I’m finding it hard to get to the gym more than once or twice a week, which means I’m not really seeing any noticeable results.


The good news is, I stumbled upon an awesome channel on YouTube called XHIT Daily, which has a collection of videos to teach people like you and me how to get the body of a Victoria’s Secret model without leaving your living room.

And you know what?

It’s working!

And since I’m feeling extra nice today, I decided I would share my favorite videos so we can look like Victoria’s Secret models together this summer.

You’re welcome!

If you want to get back in shape but have no idea what workouts to do or how to do them, this collection of at home workouts is just what you need to not only lose weight but to get the body of a Victoria Secret model. The arm, leg, and ab workouts are my favorites!

1. The Best Victoria Secret Ab Workout:

2. Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout:

3. Victoria’s Secret Angel Series: How to Lose Your Love Handles:

4. How to Get Arms Like a Victoria’s Secret Model:

5. How to Get Legs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model:

6. How To Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Model:

Matt Hancock

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