We went to a Christmas party last weekend and, for the first time in my entire life, I felt totally prepared.

I had homemade Christmas ornaments my daughter and I made together to give to everyone as a cute little keepsake.

I had delicious homemade Christmas cookies to take with us to wow the other guests.

And I even had a bunch of great DIY Christmas gift ideas for teachers to share with the other mothers.

But about an hour before we had to leave, I realized I didn’t have any wrapping paper or gift bags.

How does that even happen??

If you've (finally!) found the prefect Christmas gift ideas for your friends and family, why not go the extra mile and spice up your packages with these easy DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas?! They are especially perfect for those crazed moments when you need to figure out how to wrap a present when you've run out of wrapping paper - trust me!

So I immediately hopped onto YouTube to try and find some DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas, and I’m pleased to report that Michelle Phan totally saved the day. AGAIN! Not only was I able to wrap all those Christmas ornaments my daughter made, but I totally made a splash with the other guests with the cute and fun way I packaged them together.

And since I know I’m not the only one who has a tendency of running out of wrapping paper at the most inconvenient times EVER, I thought I would share Michelle’s cute and fun DIY Christmas gift wrapping ideas with you.


Matt Hancock

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